Day-to-Day Matters

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Menus are rotated on a five-weekly cycle and adapted to suit summer and winter conditions. Breakfast usually includes cereal and a hot dish, lunch is both a cooked and cold meal with salads and fresh fruit, and dinner includes fresh vegetables and a dessert.

Holidays and Weekends

Classes usually finish on the last working day of the week. The Hostel submits a list of early departures to the College. Dates and times for holidays are advised well in advance. We ask that parents co-operate with the College in keeping to these times and dates and not make arrangements which clash with school commitments or ask that boarder leave early - thus their school time is maximised. The Hostel is closed to all boarders during the holidays. Over long weekends such as Queen’s Birthday, Midterm break, Teacher-only Days and Labour Weekend the Hostel is closed and boarders are required to find alternative accommodation for that time.

Weekend Leave

Boarders wishing to leave the Hostel over a weekend must organise their leave by 8am on the Thursday prior. Boarders must sign in and out when leaving and returning to the Hostel.


The Hostel is not responsible for the transportation of the boarders. However, each Friday at 3pm one trip is made to SkyCity to drop boarders to the bus depot. A return trip is made on Sunday evening at 8.15pm, which coincides with most buses returning to Auckland. As the Brothers carry out this service, it is free of charge. Transportation outside of these times needs to be organised by parents/guradians.


Parents must check that their insurance company is aware that they have a son boarding at the College.


The Hostel laundry staff regularly wash and iron boarders’ clothes. Boarders each have a locker in the laundry where clean clothes are sorted and placed for collection. Unmarked clothing often ends up as unclaimed lost property, and will be donated to the College Fair clothing stall. All care is taken, but no responsibility is taken for items of clothing which are unsuitable for regular washing machine and drying cycles. Any clothing which needs special attention such as fine or hand-knitted jerseys and some types of thermal underwear may be unsuitable for general laundry. Please leaved 'branded' clothing at home.

Laundry Name Tags

The Hostel cannot take responsibility for unmarked clothing. All boarders must have labels sewn on to every item of clothing (including underwear and socks) clearly showing their name and laundry number. Iron-on tags eventually come off, and marker pens fade in the wash. Shirts should be labelled on the neck, and trousers on the waistband. Labels may be purchased from Mark It Woven Labels. A mesh laundry bag for socks and underwear is also required. This will be provided by the Hostel and charged on the first term fees account ($20). Care needs to be taken after each school holiday that all clothes brought back to the Hostel during the year are also clearly marked. Other possessions such as radios, iPods, phones, watches, calculators and sports equipment should be permanently named.


We wish to enhance a family spirit within the Hostel environment. The presence of the boarders at worship at weekends allows for this to happen. Boarders and their families are welcome to attend our community Mass at 5.15pm on Saturday evening.

Medical and Dental

A copy of the Student Health Record is kept in the Health Centre. A member of the Health Centre staff is available at all times. All sickness and injuries are referred to them. If necessary, parents will be notified of illness or injury.
Health Centre staff arrange appointments with the local doctor. If necessary, students will be taken to Accident and Emergency. It is important that we are fully informed of any medical condition which requires on-going treatment, or of any chronic disorders or allergies. Boarders must not self-medicate; all medication must be handed into the Health Centre for staff to oversee and administer.
Please ensure boys have at least $50 accessible on their cash flow card for medical appointments and prescriptions.
Regarding dental or orthodontic treatment, your son should continue to be seen by his home dentist in the school holidays or join the College’s dental programme. This will ensure parents do not incur costs with transportation to and from dentists.

Mobile Phones

Boarders may bring mobile phones to the Hostel. During the week, boys in Years 9 and 10 hand in their phones each evening and, if used appropriately, they are returned the following afternoon. They are kept by the boys in the weekend. For all other levels, the phones are the individual’s personal responsibility; however, they are not allowed to bring these phones to school. To make an outgoing call in the Hostel, students can use their own mobile phone or the Hostel phone with their own phone card.

Pocket Money

Each boarder requires his own bank account. It is a matter for parents to decide how much pocket money they wish their son to have. However, Year 9 students need about $10 to $15 a week while Seniors may need more. Large sums of money must not be kept on site. Your son can withdraw cash from a local bank or ATM or use Eftpos.


Boarders are required to involve themselves in the sporting activities the College provides. Sacred Heart College has a strong sporting tradition and has numerous facilities for sport. Transport to and from sporting occasions is the responsibility of the individual sports or if this cannot be accommodated the parents will be financially responsible. When parents are available their assistance is appreciated.


Stationery requirements will be advised in December for the following year. Boarders must pay for material required by the school in the first week of term.


Formal supervised study times are scheduled. On school days, the minimum times are as follows:

  • Years 9 and 10 – One and a half hours
  • Years 11 to 13 – Two and a half hours

Emphasis is put on personal study responsibility in the Senior classes. Action is taken against individual negligence.


The Uniform Shop is the only supplier of all items of the school uniform, apart from footwear. The Uniform Shop is situated on the lower level of the College’s Administration Building and is open during term time only. The shop is closed weekends, school holidays and public holidays with the exception of the week prior to Term 1. Online ordering is also available via the online uniform shop. Parents are to ensure they purchase their son's uniform in plenty of time before they start school to enable naming of each item.
Please contact the shop direct – (09) 529 3669 – or go to the Uniform Shop webpage.

Formal Uniform Days

Throughout the year, usually twice a week and on special school occasions or events, the College requires all students to be formally dressed in a white shirt and tie, shoes and socks. These days are listed on the College calendar and in the Student Diary. Boys will need two white shirts given there are occasions when they are required to wear their formals twice in a week. The College requires the formal black lace-up uniform shoes to be worn on these days.

Visitation Form

Parents need to complete a Visitation Form listing the names of families and friends with whom their son may visit or stay overnight. Permission will be given for students to visit and stay with nominated families only, and they will need to make contact with the Deputy Headmaster - Boarding, prior to the boarder’s visit to clarify departure and return times. Permission to be absent from the Hostel outside class time is at the discretion of the Deputy Headmaster - Boarding, but absence from the classroom is the responsibility of the Deputy Headmaster - Academics.