The Role of the Dean

The Deans at Sacred Heart College provide the necessary pastoral and academic support for all students in their respective year levels for which they are responsible. Their role is fundamental to student achievement. Their key tasks are communication with students, parents, staff and homeroom teachers and liaising with senior management when necessary. Deans have a genuine working relationship with students in their year level. Each year level Dean's role it is to provide a strong disciplinary, pastoral and academic support system.

Key Pastoral Care and discipline responsibilities include:

  • ensuring students are working to the best of their abilities
  • promoting excellence and acknowledging student achievement
  • providing a safe and positive learning environment
  • having positive interaction with peers
  • evaluating student referrals from classroom teachers and taking action as required
  • monitoring attendance levels
  • monitoring academic achievement of students
  • communicating with parents and guardians/caregivers
Year Levels Deans
Year 7 Dean  Mr John Sullivan
ext. 814 
Year 8 Dean Mr Trevor Gaffney        ext. 814 
Year 9 Deans  Br Gerard Mahony
Fr Stephen Berecz
ext. 837 
Year 10 Deans        Miss Rachael Burrowes
Mr Brodie Madgwick
ext. 837
Year 11 Deans  Mrs Andrea Butler
Mr Ric Knight
ext. 837
Year 12 Deans  Mrs Stephanie Ioka
Mr Richard Henderson
ext. 891 
Year 13 Deans  Mr David Gray
Dr Chris John
ext. 891
Kaiāwhina Mr Ben Christie