Drama & Debating

Jane Schollum Cup team 2015

Drama, debating and public speaking are popular activities at Sacred Heart with the College performing extremely well in inter-school and local speaking competitions. Participation is encouraged as it enables students to gain confidence, develop analytical skills and to learn to 'think on their feet'.


Each year, between seven and 12 teams enter in the Eastern Zone and Auckland wide competitions. In 2016 we will have teams competing in the following divisions:

Premier Advanced (2 teams)
Advanced (2 teams)
Senior (3 teams)
Junior teams ( 3 teams)

Teams for 2017 are as follows:

SHC#1 - Tyler Buysers, Leo Ennis, Fergus Harland, Micah Stevens; Coach: Mr Don Harland
SHC#2 - Jon Alo, Joshua Cutris, Thomas Partington; Coach: Mr Mark Davies (John Gorham, Verniel Vituccio) 
SHC#4 - Caleb Wharton, Joshua Wilson, Mikey Martin; Coach: Mr Nick Sheppard

Premier Junior
SHC#1 - Aiden de Souza, Alfred Metzler, Leo McKay; Manager: Mr Don Harland 

SHC#1 - Ted Dobbs, Joseph Peyroux, Thomas Dodds; Coach:  Ms Grace Van-As
SHC#2 - Peter Kennedy, Etuate Manu, Harris Danielson, Thoman Hudgell; Coach: Mrs Arminda de Jong 
SHC#4 - Lance Encabo, Adam Chappell, Tasman Clark; Coach: Miss Susan Brunton

SHC#1 - James Fitz-Gerald, Tim Everitt, Daniel McGill; Coach: Mrs Viktoria Jowers-Wilding 
SHC#2 - Daniel Sanders, Ethan Johnson, Ceasar Dyson; Coach: Mr William Miller, Mr Julius Tapert 

Premier Advanced
SHC#1 - Louis Addock, William Miller, Charlie Stone; Manager: Mr Don Harland
SHC#2 - Heinrich Metzler, William Swan, Julius Tapert; Manager: Mr Don Harland

Public Speaking

Students are encouraged to get involved in Speech Competitions as a way to develop thinking and communication skills. Within the school, Speech Competitions take place in August and October for individual year levels. Students also have the opportunity to participate in external competitions, including the Pompallier Shield (contested by 12 Catholic schools), the Eastern Zone Competition, Auckland and nation-wide events. Sacred Heart has been the holder of the Pompallier Shield since 2009.


Timetabled classes exist in this subject at Year 10 through to Year 13. Click here to go to this information. As an extra-curricular subject, musical and drama productions are run biennially and are a wonderful way for students to showcase their musical and acting abilities.


Students keen on making films are encouraged to enter the 48 Hour Film Festival which has a Secondary Schools section. This competition requires a high degree of competence with the production of film. Competitors must write, film, edit and present a complete film over the course of a weekend. There are many opportunities for boys wishing to build a portfolio of finished productions.


As well as the Toa Fraser and the Dan Davin Cups, there are many opportunities for budding authors to demonstrate their talent. This year boys have been involved in seminars run through the Michael King Writer’s Centre. Our goal is that the talents of every enthusiastic writer will be nurtured during his time at the College.