Endowment Fund

Investing in the Future of our Marist Men

The Endowment Campaign, established by the Sacred Heart College Development Foundation, is our commitment to support Sacred Heart College’s continued excellence and leadership in education. It is an investment in the future of our young Marist men.

The Development Foundation is focussed on raising $10 million to ensure Sacred Heart College maintains its position as the leading Catholic boys’ College in New Zealand. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in safeguarding and shaping the future of the College.

The Endowment Campaign is an investment aimed at generating annual incomes for:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Scholarship and pastoral care for students
  • Marist Brothers welfare and continued presence within the College
  • Capital projects

Currently invested - $ 2.0m

Teaching and Learning Fund

As it becomes increasingly competitive to attract and retain quality teaching staff in the Auckland region, Sacred Heart College remains committed to maintaining outstanding academic results

Sacred Heart College will grow its base of teaching excellence and reward teachers through the Teaching and Learning Fund by supporting the following initiatives to:

  • Attract and retain inspirational teachers and encourage excellence in teaching
  • Invest in innovative programmes that enhance educational growth and achievement
  • Increase pastoral care and educational support for all students
  • Promote student leadership, mentoring and resilience
  • Raise academic standards across all levels

The Teaching and Learning Fund can be seen as a family investment; your family legacy passed on through passionate teachers, worthy student leaders and devoted Marist Brothers, which will shape the future of Sacred Heart College in perpetuity and ensure the charism and vision of the College lives on.


Scholarship Fund

The focus of the Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance for talented students who demonstrate leadership qualities but may not have the means to attend Sacred Heart College due to family circumstances. The Scholarship Fund will encourage these students to strive for excellence and reach their full potential during their education. Scholarship recipients will actively contribute to the College and be involved in mentoring other scholarship students.

This fund will extend our Marist mission and vision and provide students with an opportunity to be educated at Sacred Heart College.  By supporting our Scholarship Fund, you can make a significant difference to the lives of Sacred Heart families, one boy at a time.

Marist Brothers' Fund
For over 100 years the Marist Brothers have enriched and led the Sacred Heart College ethos through the witness of their religious vocation and active involvement in teaching, coaching, mentoring and pastoral care. Their influence has been significant in the lives of our boys and it is imperative that this Marist charism lives on.

The Marist Brothers Fund aims to support the welfare of the Brothers here at the College, to encourage and ensure the Marist Brothers continue to be informed and involved in the day to day life of the College.


If you would like to make a contribution to any of the above areas in our Endowment Fund, please contact the Sacred Heart College Development Foundation at development@sacaredheart.school.nz or phone (09) 529 3743.