Enrolment Process

We welcome applications from a wide range of nationalities to study at Sacred Heart College as an International student. The College has a policy of no more than six percent of the total school roll being International students. International students may enrol from Year 7 to 13.
Application for a place at Sacred Heart College takes the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Application forms and information from this page on the website. 
Step 2: Complete and return to the College all sections of International Student Application Form & Enrolment Agreement, along with the following documents:
 - A copy of the student’s passport
 - Recent school reports with translations in English
 - Testimonials/Reference letters on student’s character, personality and co-curricular activities preferred
 - Sacred Heart College Student's Health Record
 - Sacred Heart College and Hostel Digital Citizenship Contract
 - Contract Form for Admission to Boarding (if the application is for gaining a place in the Sacred Heart College Hostel)
 - Guardianship Agreement (if the student is applying for a place in the Sacred Heart College Hostel)
 - A brief self-introduction from the student, in English
 - International Homestay Application Form and Contract
Step 3: The International Department and Sacred Heart College Hostel may require an English test and interview to determine the eligibility of the applicant. Once accepted, the College will issue an Offer of Place and an Invoice for the tuition fees.
Step 4: As soon as the fees are paid in full, a Confirmation of Place and a receipt is issued. These documents are required by New Zealand Immigration to obtain a student visa to study at the College. Students should apply for their visa as soon as they have received these documents.
Step 5: An orientation information/programme is sent to the student/agent at least two weeks prior to the student commencing their studies at the College.

Please note: The renewal of an Offer of Place for each subsequent year of enrolment is not automatic and not guaranteed by the College. The renewal of an Offer of Place is based on the academic progression, attendance, and behaviour of the student both in and out of school among other factors, as determined by the College.


Entry Requirements

Selection will be made by the Director of International Students. Students will be recruited from as wide range of countries as possible so that many cultures are represented at the College.

Sacred Heart College is a Catholic school, preference is given to students from Catholic families. However, places are available to students of other religious traditions;

  • Sacred Heart College accepts students from Year levels 9-13. Students are accepted at Year 7 and 8 only if a parent or designated caregiver lives with them full time in New Zealand and this is subject to a place being available;
  • The College seeks to recruit students who have certain English language skills and sound academic background. International students attending Sacred Heart College are required to have already reached the required minimum English level (see below) for their year level before starting a course at the College: Year 9: Elementary; Year 10: Pre-Intermediate; Year 11-12: Intermediate; Year 13: Upper Intermediate;
  • The College may require a student to sit the College’s pre-entry English Test upon receipt of his application or undertake a New Zealand High School Preparation Course for a period if it is ascertained the student cannot cope at the College at an appropriate English level. The College can provide information regarding recommended high school preparation courses;
  • The College may also require an interview with a student to decide on whether entry criteria are met. The Interview includes, but does not limit, to meeting in person, through phone, or Skype/WeChat etc;
  • The College may require testimonials to be provided to demonstrate that the student has a genuine desire to learn, and a good record of attendance at his previous school;
  • The College reserves the right to place the student in appropriate courses based on the student’s competency in English.


New Zealand Guardian
International Students who are boarding at Sacred Heart College Hostel, regardless of their age at the time of enrolment, must have a contact person in Auckland as a guardian (not legal term). This is the person who is resident in Auckland and provides support for the student while at the Hostel. A Guardianship Agreement must be signed by the guardian. Appointment of a guardian is subject to the approval of the College, and normally a guardian can be a family relative or friend, or agent who can speak both English and the native language of the student. Professional guardianship is available at the student’s own cost.