Health Centre

The role of the Health Centre is to provide initial episodic health care for all boarders and day boys at Sacred Heart College.

The Health Centre operates out of the Clement House wing of the Hostel. It is staffed by a registered nurse from 8.00am to 3.00pm for all students at the College. A Hostel Matron is on-site to care for boarders after school hours.

Parents/caregivers will be contacted if serious illness or significant injury occurs while your son is at school. Your son will always be encouraged to advise you if he has attended the Health Centre to see the Nurse, for any reason. 

It is important that medical needs of students are disclosed to the Health Centre Registered Nurses. If your son’s health needs change during their time at Sacred Heart, please complete a new Student Health Record form and submit this.  This form can be downloaded from the Resource panel. If you would like to discuss your son’s health issues please contact the school nurse using the contact details below.

Contact Details
DDI: 09 529 3667
Day: 09 529 3660 ext. 852