The Sacred Heart College Health Departmental goal is to provide students with an effective teaching and learning programme based upon our Catholic and Christian values. This programme is designed to help our students grow as individuals and as healthy members and participants of society, guiding them as they face the challenges of people of their age.

The Sacred Heart College Health and Life Skills programme is based on The New Zealand Curriculum with various topics and themes carefully chosen at each year level aiming to focus on our students’ needs.

We work in partnership with our Religious Education Department to ensure that the Catholic world view is clearly reinforced in our units and lessons.

Sacred Heart College Health Rationale
Sacred Heart College acknowledges it has the responsibility to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for its students. It recognises that health and life skills are important for the social well-being of its students and their achievement. This involves the growth of the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of the students. The health and well-being of the students affects their academic achievement and their attitudes, values, spirituality and behaviour have an impact on the people around them.

Sacred Heart College Health Objectives
Students will gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required for each of them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to contribute actively to the well-being of other people and the well-being of their communities.
Students will take increasing responsibility for their own health and will develop skills that will enable them to enhance their relationships with other people and to participate in creating healthy communities by taking responsible and critical action, within the Catholic context. Students will develop an awareness of the dimensions of well-being and relate this to the positive effect it has on the Special Character of the school.

Year 7
Body Fuel – nutrition, healthy eating, putting goodness into the body to help it grow and perform
Getting Along with Others – friendships, relationships, bullying, treating others as we like to be treated, accepting differences
Careers – identifying skills, talents, interests, what makes a good/suitable job, what we want from a job, the pros and cons of jobs, morals, values, ethics in jobs
Safe and Smart – road, bike
Life Education – making choices: respecting our bodies, the dangers of smoking and of using alcohol and drugs

Year 8
Human Machine – awareness of and respect for our incredible human bodies: how they work, how we keep them fit, strong and growing healthily and personal hygiene
Keeping Ourselves Safe – looking after ourselves, looking after others, identifying dangers, understanding people and avenues of help, support, guidance
Careers – identifying skills, talents, interests, what makes a good/suitable job, what we want from a job, the pros and cons of jobs, morals, values, ethics in jobs
Life Education – decision making: respecting our bodies, the dangers of smoking and of using alcohol and drugs

Year 9
Getting Along with Others – friendships, relationships, bullying, treating others how we like to be treated, accepting differences, learning to understand ourselves
Alcohol Awareness – dangers, peer pressure, rights and wrongs of advertising, effects on individuals, groups, society
Think, Say, Do! – learning ways in which to be an effective communicator. Reading body language and expressing one's self positively with how they interact with those around them
Understanding Puberty – identifying and understanding the importance of the physical and emotional ‘changes’ pupils are experiencing, and what effect and impact these changes have on themselves and others, the Growth of Personhood and the Christian Vision of Life

Year 10
Mental Health – identify which factors influence our personal mental health – and how these positively or negatively affect our well-being/hauora, strategies to deal with anxiety, depression, understanding and support for others
Cannabis Awareness – dangers, peer pressure, moral rights and wrongs, effects on individuals, groups, society, pathways to recovery
Body Safe – learning about consent within relationships; understanding the emotional impacts relationships can involve
Interpersonal Skills – getting along with others, identifying skills needed to positively affect those around you
Decision-making – risks, values, moral choices, peer pressure


Health Department Staff

Head of Department:
Mr Jaaz Samuela

Mr Nick Guise
Mr Danny Hay
Mr Richard Henderson
Mr Brodie Madgwick
Mr John Sullivan
Mr Rhys Taucher


Physical Education is compulsory at Sacred Heart College for all students from Years 7 to 11. At the Junior level, the focus is on developing physical skills and on understanding how movement is used in a wide variety of contexts. Through movement, students will develop improved physical and social skills including essential competencies such as self-management, the ability to relate to others in groups, participation and contribution, thinking about how and why we learn and using skills to communicate our ideas with others in practical settings.

Developing an understanding of the ways that movement constructs who we are and how we interact with others in our communities is the ultimate goal for a physically educated student. This is achieved through an array of sports and activities, using each as a vehicle to improve these fundamental skills. Fitness and personal well-being are also explored and students are expected to strive to improve themselves through the opportunities that are provided. We have a strong emphasis on aquatic activity and aquatic fitness; students at Year 9 level spend one period per week for the whole year in one of our three pools whilst other year groups have a range of opportunities from learn-to-swim and Water Polo to snorkelling and scuba experiences.

At the Senior level, students begin to explore in depth the biophysical and sociocultural constructs of a physically active world. There are a range of courses to suit student needs and all boys will be challenged both physically and academically. For our top students, Scholarship in Year 13 is the pinnacle of academic Physical Education study, and the department has a proud record of success in this prestigious Level 4 examination.

Physical Education Staff

Head of Department
Mr Rhys Taucher 

Mr Richard Henderson
Mr Jaaz Samuela
Mr Danny Hay
Mr John Sullivan
Mr Nick Guise
Mr Brodie Madgwick