Heart of Sacred Heart College Fund

We are all now well aware of the many unexpected challenges that Covid-19 has presented worldwide. One of the more local challenges for this community has been its impact upon our families’ income and their ability to meet their financial contributions to the College. Significantly reduced income may result in a change to our unique Catholic education we traditionally and successfully provide for our young Marist Men.

In line with one of the College Pillars – ‘Support for individuals and families in need’, and to minimise parental financial stress, which is specifically Covid-19 related and the impact on the boys’ learning, the Board of Trustees, together with assistance from the Parents’ Association, has established a ‘Heart of Sacred Heart Fund’

If you are willing to contribute towards this fund either as a one-off donation or as an automatic payment weekly/monthly over a designated time, your donation would be gratefully accepted. Individual donors’ contributions will receive tax eligibility status given it will be collected by the Sacred Heart College Parents’ Association which is a Charitable Trust.

Thank you for your consideration of our request which goes to the core of our Catholic, Marist and Champagnat community.

To make a donation please complete the form below. On submission, you will view a page that will provide you with our bank account details. 

For any enquiries please contact Lyn Luxton on (09) 529 3743.