Inter-House Sport

An important part of our Special Character, and a Sacred Heart tradition, is the annual Inter-House competition.

Both boys and staff have strong allegiances and feel very loyal to their respective Houses - Basil, Coolahan, Lenihan, Marcellin, Pompallier and Stephen.

The Inter-House competition sees many aspects of school life represented. The list of events is extensive, with academic results, Debating, Haka, Chant, Athletics, Cross-Country, Mathex and Literature Quiz all involved.

At the end of year prize-giving the Board of Governors Shield is presented to the winning House Captain.

Junior and Senior House Captains and deputies are selected at the start of each year.

2019 House Captains

Senior House Captain: Will Yates
Deputy House Captains: Tommy Foss, Patrick McElwee
Junior House Captain: Kaya Luke
Deputy House Captain: Josh Anderson


Senior House Captain: Sean Weir
Deputy House Captain: David Foley
Junior House Captain: Cole Stephenson
Deputy House Captains: Cooper Kennedy

Senior House Captain: Curtis Finnigan
Deputy House Captains: Ben Gardner, Jackson Rainsford
Junior House Captain: Joachim Paul
Deputy House Captain: William O'Connell


Senior House Captains: Jyris Galmuzina, Taua Heather, Brian Lealiifano, Jackson Pirihi
Junior House Captains: Keegan Milicich-Misikini, Jack Rose

Senior House Captain: Louie Ferigo
Deputy House Captain: Liam Dowling
Junior House Captain: Zach Hayden
Deputy House Captain: Charlie Ashford 

Senior House Captain: Ben Hardie
Deputy House Captain:
Junior House Captain: Sebastian Chevallier
Deputy House Captain: Nathan Culpan


2019 House Points - Board of Governors Shield

  Basil Coolahan
Marcellin Pompallier Stephen
 Academic 50 100 40 30 60 70
 Swimming 30 40 60 100 70 50
 Chant 15 10 20 25 5 40
 Athletics 40 100 60 70 30 60
 Haka 100 60 70 50 30 40
 Fair 15 25 10 40 20 5
 Cross-Country 100 70 40 60 50 30
 Literature Quiz 40 5 20 25 15 10
 Mathex 10 40 10 20 15 40
 Orange Week            
 TOTAL POINTS 400 450 330 420 295 345