International Student Fees 2021

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*Airport Meet and Greet - This covers the initial reimbursement of travel costs for host family to and from the airport. It is not a commercial service, therefore no liability is incurred. It is for new students only.

Tuition Fees Refund Policy

All tuition fees are to be paid prior to commencement of course at Sacred Heart College. Payment of fees is confirmation and acceptance of a contract with the College.

Sacred Heart College will ONLY refund tuition fees under the following rules:

  1. Refunds will only be made in exceptional circumstances.
  2. Circumstances deemed to be exceptional are: the death or serious illness of a parent or the student concerned; a special family hardship; a failure by a student to obtain a student visa; the College ceasing to provide a course as contracted with a student; the College ceasing to be a signatory of Code of Practice; the College ceasing to be an education provider.
  3. If an application is made before the commencement of the course, fees will be refunded in full less a NZ$2,250 administration fee.
  4. If an application is made within the commencement of the course, there will be a refund of the fees less:
  • An administration charge of $2,250;
  • MOE and Proprietor's Levies already paid by the school;
  • The General Purpose and Attendance Due components of the fee already committed for the duration of the course, including salaries for teachers and staff involved in the International programme and commission paid to agents if applicable.
  1. Any unused portion of fees paid to the homestay, SHC Hostel, or fees for services not yet delivered or used may be refunded.
  2. Any application for a refund of fees must be made in writing to the Director of International Students outlining the reasons for the refund.
  3. All refunds will be made to the person who paid the fees i.e. the parent, guardian or parental representative.

No refunds will be made:

  • If a student voluntarily withdraws from the College.
  • If a student transfers to another school part-way through their course.
  • If a student acquires permanent residency after the commencement of their course.
  • If a student’s enrolment is terminated by the College on the grounds of serious misconduct or unacceptable behaviour.

Fees Protection Policy


The school is required to ensure that all students' fees are protected in the event that the College is unable to continue to offer tuition to International Students or in the event that a student is required to return home.


The Board of Trustees of Sacred Heart College confirms that the Tuition Fees of International Students will not be spent by the College prior to the tuition being provided.