Learning Support

Our goal is to fulfil the vision of St Marcellin Champagnat and the College's holistic Marist values, by developing the full potential of individual students through the provision of an appropriate needs-based programme in a welcoming, supportive and inclusive setting.

The Learning Support Centre is located in Rooms 13 to17, 19 and 20 in the lower quad and any student can access its services when they feel the need. Some students have a long-term association with the department, which may extend through their whole time at the College. For others, the association may be for only a few hours, days or weeks. We provide the support required by students and then gradually withdraw this assistance as independence and confidence grow.

Staff in the Learning Support Department are highly and well qualified and there is a collegial, positive atmosphere. Students enjoy coming to Learning Support where the tasks are manageable and the learning environment is safe and welcoming.

We identify and support students who cannot access the curriculum because of difficulties in the following areas:

  • general learning
  • specific learning difficulty
  • students who are twice exceptional
  • speech and communication
  • high health needs
  • hearing and vision
  • behavioural
  • physical difference.

Our services include:

  • academic assessments, including LASS/LUCID/ABILITY/EXACT, dyslexic portfolio and others
  • in-classroom support for teachers and students
  • individualised behaviour management
  • individualised education planning
  • individualised tutoring for literacy skills
  • learning style analysis
  • New Zealand Correspondence School liaison
  • off site service co-ordination
  • programme adaptation
  • small-group tutoring in English
  • study skills and time management
  • support for parents and caregivers
  • support in planning assignments and research projects
  • Digital Learning
  • Special Assessment Service (Years 7 to 13 and NCEA)
  • NCEA special assessment liaison


Learning Support Staff
Mrs Louise Oliphant  Head of Department 
Mr Michael White RTLB (Resource Teacher
 Learning and Behaviour) 
Mrs Christine Holland Associate RTLB  
Mr Saul Itinerant  Senior Teacher and Advisor
Mrs Julia Miller  Reading Tutor 
Mrs Lesley Milne Reading Tutor
Mrs Claire Zingell  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Julie Johns  Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Jacqueline Carter         Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Wendy Moore Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Ann Howard Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Naomi Forrester Consultant, Speaking Solutions 
Mr Ross Forrester Teacher and Teaching Assistant