Lesson Structure

Each sport is organised into two separate groups, a combined Year 7 and 8, and a combined Year 9 and 10.

In Years 7 and 8 each student is to attend two periods a week of their Sports Institute chosen sport as part of their normal curriculum. The Year 9 and 10 groups have three lessons per week.

Throughout these lessons they will receive high-quality coaching and theory lessons in the classroom, both designed to improve and develop not only their practical skills, but also their understanding of how to look after their bodies and train properly for their chosen sport. The theory lessons will be based around generic sport-related studies and include such topics as goal setting, sports psychology, diet and nutrition.

Their acquisition of new skills, a greater understanding of sport and their general involvement in the programme has the potential to positively affect other areas of school life and help the boys become well-rounded individuals.

If the boys feel that they are sufficiently strong enough in two sports, both a summer and winter code may be selected. This is quite a commitment for a student however, and all parties concerned must be fully aware of the demands that this will place on their bodies.


The following conditions apply for Institute boys:

  • The Years 7 and 8 boys are expected to catch up with any academic work they miss as a result of attending their Institute classes.
  • In Years 9 and 10, boys choose Sports Institute as one of their option lines.
  • All boys in the Institute are expected to attend their lessons and come prepared to work hard physically and mentally with a positive attitude. High standards and work rate are expected of all students accepted into the Institute.