Pastoral Care

Our system of Pastoral Care is based in our Catholic, Marist and Champagnat philosophy. As a community of students, staff, parents, Old Boys and friends, we share the privilege and responsibility to ensure a school culture where our Catholic values, based in Christ and the example of Mary and Marcellin Champagnat, are passed on.

Homeroom classes

All students are members of a homeroom class. Homeroom teachers will often be the first to identify a student who is having difficulties. Parents or guardians/caregivers with concerns about a student should contact his homeroom teacher, or the Head of Year.

Pastoral meetings

The Director of Pastoral Care works with homeroom teachers, Heads of Years, the Director of International Students, the Guidance Counsellors, the Learning Support Department and the Careers and Transition Department. The Director of Special Character is also utilised within the Pastoral Care system. These staff members meet regularly to discuss the pastoral and academic needs of students from Years 7 to 13. The purpose of these meetings is to:

  • reinforce and recognise achievement and appropriate behaviour
  • provide guidelines about basic school standards that all staff are responsible for maintaining
  • identify students who are not achieving their potential and put in place suitable support structures
  • provide solutions for students with learning difficulties and behavioural issues, including the use of outside agencies 
  • identify and assist students who require counselling
  • assist students with school-to-work transition.

Additional support services:

  • Prefects and Senior Peer Support Leaders are assigned to each Years 7, 8 and 9 homeroom, to act as role models.
  • Senior students mentor Junior students throughout the year.
  • English Language Learner (ELL) teaching is available to those new to the English language.
  • Individual departments offer extra coaching and tuition.
  • Year level councillors of Years 7 to 13, meet as a Student Council to discuss student issues and concerns twice a term.
  • A student representative is nominated each year to represent the student body on the Board of Trustees and to lead the Student Council.
Special Character Pillars

The Special Character of the College in embedded in everything we do. We are a Catholic, Marist and Champagnat college. The values that we live are visible in what we do, what we say and how we treat others. Each year we focus on a Pillars that identify our charism. In 2021, our Pillar is:

  • In the Way of Mary - Whaia te ara ki a Maria
Student Diaries

It is very worthwhile for parents to examine these on a regular basis. These are also valuable tools to enable parents to check the amount of homework their sons are receiving and to help them manage an effective study programme.

Banned Items

Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, vapes, vape pens, alcohol, non prescription drugs and weapons of any description are not permitted at school. For all the school rules, please check the school rules page.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are permitted at school, but must be switched off during the whole school day (8.40am to 3.15pm). Mobile phones must not be used to take any images or recordings of students or staff. Use of electronic devices must comply with the Digital Citizen Contract and the Social Media Policy. If a mobile phone is confiscated, it will need to collected from the school office by a parent or guardian.


If a student is going to be absent through illness, parents are to please phone the Administration Office 09 529 3660 ext. 895 and leave a message, or record it on the Sacred Heart College App or click on the Absences page on this website and send an email. On a student's first day back to school after an illness he must have a signed note from his parent/guardian for his homeroom teacher. If a student is to be away from school for any reason other than illness, permission needs to be sought. Please download the 'Emergency and Extended Leave Application Form' from the Permission Forms page, fill in and return it to the Director of Pastoral Care.


Valuables must be handed in to the teacher or coach during Physical Education or sports practices. They must not be left in students' school bags. These include mobile phones, wallets, jewellery or any item deemed to be valuable. Please help the College to eliminate theft at Sacred Heart.

Information about each student

If there is anything that may affect a student's your son’s learning, it is vital that the College be informed. Often issues happening outside school may impact on behaviour and well-being. Having some knowledge of this can be really beneficial, as support structures can be put in place. For general situations, the student's homeroom teacher is the first point of contact. For confidential matters parents/caregivers are to please contact the student's Head of Year, the Director of Pastoral Care, the Guidance Counsellors or our Principal Mr Stephen Dooley.


We are a Catholic, Marist and Champagnat college. With this, we uphold certain values that reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Charism of St Marcellin Champagnat. Bullying stands for everything we are not. We believe every student has the right to expect a safe and secure environment at Sacred Heart. If this is not what each student is experiencing, we need to know. The hardest job of a Head of Year is protecting students from bullying when it is not reported. We need to know. By reporting this type of behaviour parents/caregivers are not only protecting their sons, they are also helping the bully who needs correction, guidance and support.

Lost Property

Generally items which are reported to parents as ‘being stolen’ have been left behind by students in various places. There are often jerseys, jackets, shoes, sandals, sports equipment, phones, watches, wallets, etc in lost property and all are unnamed. Boys may check the Lost Property every morning between 8am and 8:25am, during morning breaks or at lunchtime. If items are named and handed in, they are returned to the students immediately.
Names on tags are not sufficient for shirts or jerseys. Items such as sandals and calculators should ideally have names etched onto them.

Student Appearance

Please ensure students are presenting themselves correctly when walking to and from school. There is no bigger advertisement of the College and it is vital that what the public see is representative of the standards we set and expect. Each student's uniform should reflect his pride in the College. Please refer to the Uniform Requirements page on the website for uniform standards.

  • A student's hair needs to be clean and short enough to ensure it does not touch his shirt collar. Hair should be no shorter than a number 2 and should not be long enough to be tied up in any form. The student's fringe should be short enough to ensure hair is kept out of his eyes when combed straight down. Natural hair colour must be maintained (no dyed hair), and no extreme hairstyles.
  • Sideburns must not extend beyond the earlobe.
  • All students must be clean shaven
  • Tattoos are not permitted
  • Body piercing is not permitted

If there is any other way a student can be assisted in his development and journey through Sacred Heart College, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Tracy Purcell - Deputy Headmaster - Pastoral Care