Prefects and Portfolios, 2018

Head Prefect - Jack Kiely
Jack started at Sacred Heart College in Year 7 after completing primary school at Meadowbank Primary. Jack has an older brother Tom who left Sacred Heart in 2016. Jack and his brother Tom are the fourth generation of the Kiely family to attend Sacred Heart. Jack is performing well in his academic studies attaining NCEA Level 2 with an Excellence endorsement. He is aiming to pass Level 3 this year with Excellence as well. Jack has played Rugby since beginning at Sacred Heart and was in the Rugby Sports Institute from Years 7 t 9. Last year he was the Captain of the 2nd XV and hopes to make the 1st XV this year. Jack has also been involved in Public Speaking for several years at the College. What Jack most loves about the school is the camaraderie and the boys, the facilities and the teachers. He enjoys the vibe that Sacred Heart exudes. Jack's goals for the year are to make Sacred Heart a home for every student, not just the boys willing to participate, but all boys. He is very excited to be working with Lance and Zac and is extremely honoured to be chosen as Head Prefect for 2018.

Deputy Head Prefect - Lance Encabo Lance attended St Mark's Catholic School in Pakuranga before commencing at Sacred Heart in Year 7. He is the first member of his family to attend Sacred Heart College. Lance excels academically and passed both Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA with excellence and is aiming for the same with Level 3. He is also working toward sitting Scholarship English in 2018. Lance has played Rugby for many years and plans on playing social Basketball this year as well. He is also involved in several arts and culture groups being a keen debater, a member of the Senior Kapa Haka group and a member of the Student Council. His goals for the year are to have a cohesive Year 13 group with all students working together, for everyone to be involved in making 2018 a great year for Sacred Heart. He is very honoured to be chosen as Deputy Head Prefect, something he never though possible as a Year 7 boy. Lance is very humbled by this positioned and is very happy to have made his parents proud. 

Deputy Head Prefect - Zachary O'MeagherZac began at Sacred Heart in Year 7 after completing primary school at Marist Catholic School, Herne Bay. he has a younger brother Xavier at Sacred Heart in Year 10. Zac is aiming for excellence in his Level 3 NCEA exams this year. He has played Rugby throughout his time at the College and has been coached by all the Marist Brothers that are still coaching here. Zac has also played Cricket during the summer seasons. He is an integral member of the Kapa Haka group and led the Powhiri for new students and staff this year. Zac's goals for the year are to encourage the younger boys to be involved in both the arts and sport. He would like to boys to try everything and be good all rounders. Zac himself this year will be involved in drama, kapa haka and sport, proving it is possible. He is extremely honoured to be chosen as Deputy Head Prefect and is glad to have made his family proud as they have given him so much. He believes the large group of 35 Prefects goes to show how strong their year group is in 2018.

Board of Trustees' Representative - Tasman Clark
The role of Student Representative on the Board of Trustees is to liaise with the Student Council and to voice student concerns and ideas at Board meetings. It is an important role supporting strong professional leadership and effective teaching for all students through informed governance. The Student Representative is also Chair of the Student Council which meets two to three times each term to discuss and identify the issues and needs of the Student Body. The Student Council is made up of representatives from each year level. 

Special Character
Jack Kiely, assisted by Wynton Downing, Lance Encabo, Zac O'Meagher
The special character of our College is the Catholic, Marist and Champagnat Charism. This is at the very heart of all that we are and all that we do. It is this that defines us and differentiates us from other schools. The Prefects charged with Special Character need to ensure that all students learn and recognise this.  It is important that students learn from and carry on the teachings that have been so ably fashioned by St Marcellin and instilled in the College by his Marist Brothers. These teachings provide the student body, with the values and moral codes with which to conduct themselves. The Prefect body will ensure this year that the Catholic, Marist and Champagnat Charism is practically put into action as we concentrate on our 2017 Pillars of ‘A Spirit of Simplicity' and 'A Presence for Others'. 

Tedd Dobbs and Jesse Marsters
The role of Secretary to the Prefect body is to coordinate and manage fellow Prefects, staff members and school associates with regard to all activities involving the Sacred Heart Prefect group throughout the school year. The role is integral to the smooth running of the Prefect group. The Secretary must constantly liaise and communicate with peers and staff and at the same time guide the Prefect body and assist the Head Prefect, as well as the wider College, to get the best out of whatever needs to be accomplished throughout the school year.

James Davies and Alasdair Tremlett, assisted by Reuben Bull, Ted Dobbs, Harry Finnigan, Ronan Kelly, Reuben Pierpoint, Zane Robinson, Connor Welham
The Academic Prefect role involves leading and supporting students as they strive for the best academic results possible. In particular, the Academic Prefects assist in the running of the after-school study center, assisting any students with homework and assignments. Working alongside Mr Cornford, we strive to promote academic excellence for each student at Sacred Heart.

Sam Heilmann, assisted by Jackson Barker, Tasman Clark, Ted Dobbs, Thomas Dodds, Ethan Fookes, Jesse Marsters
The role of the Art Prefects is largely based throughout the creative energy and ideas of the student body. They encompass subjects such as Painting, Photography and Design where the imagination is expressed and nurtured. We are responsible for any all art based projects the school chooses to pursue, these include murals, logos and posters. The Art Prefect also focuses on activities such as debating and handles the annual arts-tie assembly each year, where Old Boys of the college return who have made contributions to the arts over their long and prosperous careers.

Ted Dobbs, Lance Encabo, Jesse Marsters, Zac O'Meagher

This role entails liaising with the College Communications Manager to distribute important information to the school community. The role also entails writing and organising articles for the College Yearbook and helping with the design. 

Wynton Downing, Christian Fa'avae, Etuate Manu, Kolio Motualo, Terry Pongi
The Cultural Prefects work with and support, the leaders of the Tongan, Samoan and Kapa Haka groups. This is ongoing throughout the year, but a major focus early in the year is Fia Fia Night and Polyfest.

Peter Kennedy, assisted by Devan Abraham, Tasman Clark, James Davies, Wynton Downing, Bronson Larsen, Rory Patterson, Reuben Pierpoint, Darwin Wu
The Fair Prefects are involved with most of the logistical planning and work before, during and after the Fair. This includes collecting, sorting and storing the goods that are brought in prior to the Fair. The Fair Prefects help with setting up stalls, operation on the day, especially selling quick-fire raffle tickets, and with the clean-up.

Learning Support
Reuben Bull, Geroge Cronin, James Davies, Rory Patterson, Zane Robinson, Terry Pongi
This is a new Prefects Portfolio in 2018. These Prefects will mentor to students that access Learning Support, occasional help with students’ homework/assignments, promote the Department and help to create ways to make the department more accessible, help test new digital equipment and help at parents’ evenings.

Tasman Clark, Ethan Fookes, Tomos Hudgell

The Music Prefects must work together with the Head of Department to organise, plan and introduce school concerts, solo performances, group performances, trips and all the school’s sound and music requirements. They are also vital in informing the wider school community about major musical events within the College. The Music Prefects also make a considerable contribution to the Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band, Senior Choir and all other premier musical groups within the College.

Peer Mentoring
Bronson Larsen, Reuben Pierpoint
This is a new portfolio in 2018. These Prefects will help support students new to Sacred Heart College, be peer mentors/leaders, help integrate students new to Sacred Heart College who arrive after Year 9 and work with Mrs Ioka to facilitate peer group meetings.

School Spirit
Harry Finnigan and Michael Graham, assisted by George Cronin, Ted Dobbs, Thomas Dodds, Wynton Downing, Sam Heilmann, Ronan Kelly, Matty McGuire, Reuben Pierpoint
As the School Spirit Prefects of 2018 our role is to continue to enhance the brotherhood throughout the College. Our aim is to support our sports teams and enhance Sacred Heart's reputation as one of the leading sports schools in the nation.

Social Awareness
Devan Abraham, Jackson Barker, Reuben Bull, Tomos Hudgell, Peter Kennedy, Etuate Manu, Kolio Motualo, Connor Welham, Darwin Wu
The role of the Social Awareness Prefects is to walk in the footsteps of St Marcellin Champagnat by serving Sacred Heart College and the wider community. Our work is carried out through aid organisations such as Caritas and Young Vinnies and ensures that Sacred Heart is ever present in our wider community. Our service for the underprivileged is not only  in the form of fundraising but through practical and physical support as well. Our ultimate aim is to serve and support those that need it most.

Bronson Larsen, Harry Finnigan and Michael Graham, assisted by George Cronin, Christian Fa'avae, Crusader Faletagaoi, Matthew Graham, Sam Heilmann, Matty McGuire, Terry Pongi
The role of the Sports Prefects is to help continue Sacred Heart's success on the sports fields and to ensure the sporting culture at the College is a positive one. We will work with the Director of Sport, Mr Guise and help him in his various roles. We will promote excellence as well as participation in all areas of sport and we will put up our hand to help any young athlete who needs it.

International Students
Christian Fa'avae assisted by Jonh Hyun Ahn, Jackson Barker, Connor Welham, Darwin Wu
The role of the International Students Prefect is to help assist new International Students to the College integrate in all areas of the school.

 Prefects 2018
Devan Abraham  Jong Hyun Ahn Jackson Barker Reuben Bull Tasman Clark
 George Cronin James Davies  Ted Dobbs Thomas Dodds Wynton Downing
Lance Encabo  Christian Fa'avae Crusader Faletagoai Harry Finnigan Ethan Fookes
 Matthew Graham Michael Graham Samuel Heilmann Tomos Hudgell Ronan Kelly
Peter Kennedy Jack Kiely Bronson Larsen Etuate Manu Jesse Marsters
Matty McGuire Kolio Motulalo Zachary O'Meagher Rory Patterson Reuben Pierpoint
Terry Pongi Zane Robinson Alasdair Tremlett Connor Welham Darwin Wu
Prefects are also responsible for homerooms within the College. Homeroom Prefects fall into two teams:
The Year 9 team 
9BD Jackson Barker and Michael Graham
9EM   Matthew Graham and Terry Pongi
9JS Crusader Faletagoai and Ronan Kelly
9LB Thomas Dodds and Etuate Manu
9MM Jong Hyun Ahn and Reuben Pierpoint
9PK Kolio Motualo and Zane Robinson
9RR James Davies and Matty McGuire
The Year 8 team 
8CY Bronson Larsen and Jesse Marsters
8GL Christian Fa'avae 
8MG Ted Dobbs and  Wynton Downing
8PP Alisdair Tremlett
8SW Tomos Hudgell and Peter Kennedy
The Year 7 team 
7AW Sam Heilmann and George Cronin
7GT Devan Abraham and Rory Patterson
7KS Tasman Clark  and Harry Finnigan 
7PE Reuben Bull and Connor Welham
7SE Ethan Fookes and Darwin Wu