Sacred Heart College Fair, Sunday 29 March 2020

It's that time again… time to have a clear out of your cupboards, and garage. We need your used but good quality items:

Clothing – clean please, no rips or broken zips
Books – good condition
Pre-loved items  – for our White Elephant
Linen – clean please
Toys – all pieces included
Sports goods – clean, working and good condition. Bikes, scooters, skateboards, ski’s etc
Furniture – good condition 

Collection days and times

Saturdays, 8am - 10am
23 November 2019
8 February 2020
22 February 2020
7 March 2020
14 March 2020
21 March 2020

Please only bring items, that you yourself would be happy to buy. The cost to dispose of all the unwanted items at the end of the fair day is very expensive. Please do not be offended if we do not take your items.
If you have any questions about items for drop off, you can contact Mrs Kelly Jennings or 021 823 100.



No printers, TV’s, computers, phones and old VCR’s
No old stationary files, filing cabinets, binders etc
No previously used drink bottles or chipped or broken items
No items that are rusty, and falling apart
No used underwear please
ripped or broken


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