Football Supporters Club

Football at Sacred Heart College has seen incredible growth since 2007, under Principal Jim Dale and the coaching and tutelage of former All Whites Captain and ex-English Premier League professional, Mr Danny Hay.

In 2007, only six teams turned out in Sacred Heart colours on a Saturday morning. In 2014 that number swelled to 21 – which consequently, is three more teams than Rugby fielded (the College’s traditional top sport). At the elite level, the 1st XI was wallowing in the third tier of the Auckland competition when Jim Dale took charge of Sacred Heart. Currently, they are not only in the Premier competition, but have unequivocally established themselves as the eminent side in the country. In the past four seasons the team has won two National Premier titles, two Auckland Premier League titles, two Auckland Knock-out Cups and held the Alex Harvey Cup (challenge trophy) on a number of occasions – all of which pays testament to the credence that Sacred Heart is now the country’s leading football school.

This success at the elite level has been built on the back of a strong philosophy that focuses on developing technique, athletic ability, tactical understanding and mental attitude from Year 7 through to Year 13. The aim is to create intelligent, mentally strong and capable players who can implement an attractive, offensive minded style of football. The culture and environment created in the Institute programme aims to allow all young footballers to thrive and follow their dreams of playing at the highest level possible.

Continue our Success

The focus of the Institute is to ensure that Sacred Heart College continues to remain at the forefront of school football in New Zealand, but also produce players that are capable of playing at a higher level once they leave the programme. Already, the Sacred Heart Football Institute has produced a number of players who have represented New Zealand at youth team level (NZ U17, New Zealand Secondary Schools, and U20). Two players currently in the senior All Whites squad – Thomas Doyle (Wellington Phoenix) and Tim Payne (ex-Blackburn Rovers) – are the most well-known alumni at present.


However, there are major challenges within the sport at Sacred Heart due to the rapid growth, as well as the level of expectation
established on the back of recent successes. In order for Sacred Heart to stay at the top, there is a requirement to continually improve what is being done within the programme. Coach education, better training facilities, athlete development, paid coaches for the elite teams outside of the 1st XI, and an ability to manage and engage with the entire football community within the school, are just a handful of the crucial aspects needed to keep Sacred Heart at the top. 

So we invite you to be involved, support and participate in what will be a very exciting year of football at Sacred Heart that will include:

• Football Supporters Club
• Captain’s Night — Friday 24 April
• Quiz Night
• Overseas tours — planning underway for 2016
• Professional coaching development pathway for all age grades
• FIFA Under 20 World Cup matches and support
• Visiting professional teams
• Football dinners and events
• Sponsorship and support opportunities
• And much, much more

We invite YOU to play on the team
We will keep you informed of specific opportunities and events as the year unfolds. 
Register your interest and support in playing your role in keeping Sacred Heart as the leading football school in New Zealand.

Please contact: Scott Lawrence;