Social Sciences

The Social Sciences provide students with a wide range of opportunities to broaden their experiences and skills to enable them to be engaged, socially aware members of society.

Social Studies

Social Studies is studied by all students at Sacred Heart College from Years 7 to 10. It is the investigation of people and the way in which they think, feel and act. Whilst New Zealand is a key focus, other societies at different places and times are studied, as well as global issues and current events.


Geography is the study of people and the environment. In Years 11 to 13, a wide variety of topics and settings is covered including resources, population, coastal processes, development, and natural environments. Several field trips are held each year. Geography is an elective subject.

Global Studies

Global Studies is an elective subject at Year 10. It is a mix of both Geography and History and a diverse range of topics is studied.


History is the study of a range of key historical events and the impact of these events on individuals and groups . Perspectives and historical interpretations are also covered. Themes include conflict and nationalism. History is an elective subject at Years 11 to 13.


Social Sciences Department Staff
Ms Lucy Stone Head of Department
History, Social Studies
Mr Nick Croxford Assistant Head of Department
Geography, Social Studies
Ms Natazia McKee  Geography and Social Studies
Ms Portia Holmes Geography and Social Studies