Sports Institute Basketball

Basketball was introduced to the Sports Institute in 2020. Recent census figures show that Basketball is the fastest growing sport among the top 10 New Zealand sports for participation. The same increase in participation is reflected in the number of Basketball teams at Sacred Heart College, with a 30% increase over three years.Β 

Coaches and Qualifications

Mr. Mike Robinson:
Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise 2017 – AUT
Coaching and Teaching Major
Graduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise 2016 – AUT
Coaching and Teaching Major
BBNZ Community Coach Level 1 – 2019

Mr. Tayla Robinson:
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation – AUT
Currently in final year of a three-year study
BBNZ Community Coach Level 1 – 2018

Mr. Alex Carew-Bourke:
Bachelor of Psychology 2018 – University of Auckland
Former New Zealand Representative & 1st Team All Arizona (2012)
3 x Sacred Heart College Premier Basketball Captain

Year groups involved

Years 7 to 10


β€’ PE shorts
β€’ Reversible training singlet (Light & Dark)
β€’ Sports Institute shirt
β€’ Training shoes/basketball shoes (own)
β€’ Sports Institute training jacket (optional)

To purchase, please visit the online uniform shop


Sacred Heart College basketball gym and occasionally the gymnasium classrooms.

Lesson structure and course overview

By introducing two or three focused sports institute sessions for our top 12 basketball athletes from each age grade, the aim is that they will move onto the senior teams with sound fundamentals skills and a solid basketball IQ. This will allow our age grade coaches to concentrate less on individual skills, and more on the mechanics of the game and team strategies.

The sessions will run for either 60 minutes (during the school day) or 90 minutes (before school), and include Basketball Skills as well as Strength and Conditioning. The key areas that will be worked on (but not limited to) throughout the programme are as below:

Basketball Skills
β€’ Passing – Accuracy with all types of passes.
β€’ Ball Handling – Dribbling under pressure with good court vision.
β€’ Shooting – Correct form on close, mid-range and 3 point shots.
β€’ Layups and Floaters – Right and left hand, different styles of both.
β€’ Defence and Boxing Out – Correct stance, how to move your feet.
β€’ Post Up/Footwork and Finish – Right and left hand, spin moves.
β€’ Screen Work – How to use a screen efficiently, how to get around a screen.
β€’ Offensive Strategies – 3x3, pass and cut, on ball screen, screen off ball.
β€’ Defensive Strategies – Man to man, how to mark ball, switching, hedging.
β€’ Communication – Verbal vs non-verbal.
β€’ Confidence – Mental skills and approach to trainings and games.
β€’ Understanding Positions and Roles on the court – Guards vs Bigs.

Strength and Conditioning
β€’ Movement Technique – Jumping, Landing, Stopping.
β€’ Balance – Ankle, Knee, Hip, Core.
β€’ Core – Strength.
β€’ Correct Running Technique
β€’ Speed and Agility
β€’ Strength (Body Weight)
β€’ Goal Setting – What are your goals?
β€’ Nutrition – What to eat, what not to eat?
β€’ Recovery – Stretching & Foam Rolling.
β€’ Testing – Vertical Jump, Horizontal Jump, Speed, Balance.

Teams involved and pathway

Year 7 and 8 - Eastern Zones Tournament Team, Auckland Champs, AIMS
Year 9 and 10 - 3 x 3 Regionals, Junior Premiers, Secondary Schools Junior Premiership Tournament

Days of competition

β€’ Year 7 and 8 – Thursday afternoon
β€’ Year 9 and 10 – Wednesday afternoon

Training times

Year 7 and 8 - Monday 3.15-5pm
Year 9 and 10 - Friday 3.15-5pm