Sports Institute

The Sacred Heart Sports Institute leads the development of top-level participation in six key sports: Cricket, Football, Rugby, Water Polo, Rowing and Tennis.

The Sports Institute was established in 2007 to identify and develop high-performing students who we believe have the potential to become elite sportsmen. The aim is to improve the skill levels of players at a junior level, so that they are significantly advanced by the time they reach senior level.

The Institute is open to students in Years 7 to 10, and each year students must apply for a position. The Institute takes approximately 130 boys each year across these year levels. The main part of the selection process involves a sport-specific skills assessment, undertaken by College teachers and a panel of outside coaches. Students accepted into the Institute are expected to attend their lessons, arrive at training ready to work hard physically and be mentally prepared with a positive attitude.

Students who are involved in the Institute are proving to be fitter, better prepared for their season and more disciplined with their health and fitness. The boys benefit from presentations by experts that impart key strategies the boys can use to improve their sporting preparation and performance. Pre-season fitness, conditioning, theory, nutrition and time management are covered as well as skill development in their chosen sport.

Recent success at Premier level both locally and nationally, can directly be attributed to the great work that the Institute does preparing our boys for competition at high-level sport.