Uniform Regulations

General Uniform Information

The Sacred Heart College Uniform Shop is the sole supplier of all uniform for Years 7 to 13 (except for black lace up shoes). Contact the Uniform Shop for information on where to purchase suitable styles. Please ensure all items are well named.

N.B The Remuera School Uniform Centre offers Sacred Heart College families a 10% discount on black lace up shoes.

The following are unacceptable in terms of the school uniform:

  • Anything other than uniform items sold at the Uniform Shop.
  • Only McKinlay Sandals are allowed to be worn and are available at the Uniform Shop
  • Ripped or damaged uniform.
  • The wearing of anything but Sports Uniform when playing contact sport on the fields
  • Jewellery of any kind except a wrist watch.
  • Graffiti or offensive coverings of any item of uniform or equipment, including folders, books, diaries and bags

Student Appearance and Grooming

  • Hair must be clean, tidy, above the collar and not over the eyes. Students are not permitted to shave their head. No. 2 and above are permitted only.
  • Colouring, dyes or extreme hair styles (e.g. No.1, plaits, braids, spikes or side shavings with long fringes) are not permitted.
  • Students at all levels must be clean-shaven and side burns should not be below the ears.
  • Tattoos are not permitted.
  • Body piercing is not permitted.
  • Students are expected to have clean skin and to protect themselves against body and foot odour.