Student Guidelines

School Rules

The Basic Rule
The basic rule of this Christian community is that all its members, staff, students and others, have the right to enjoy being and working here. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure this occurs.


  • Students who are unable to attend school, must contact the College with a valid reason. The Homeroom Teacher will contact parents if the student misses two days.
  • Only students with a permission slip from the Deputy Headmaster - Pastoral Care, or their Head of Year may leave the property during the school day. Early departure slip must be obtained at the Head of Year’s Office during Homeroom time.
  • Students are not permitted to absent themselves from class during the day.
  • Permission to go to the Library during class requires a LIBRARY PASS signed by the teacher.
  • The pass will specify the purpose and duration of the visit.
  • Permission to visit the Careers office or the Guidance Counsellor during class requires a “REQUEST TO LEAVE CLASS” form, signed by the subject teacher and obtained in advance. The subject teacher is free to grant or to decline this permission, as appropriate.
  • Toilet permissions are not normally given during class time.
  • Except in an emergency, students are not permitted to go to the Health Centre during class time AND without the written permission of the subject teacher. The Deputy Headmaster must sight and sign the note before proceeding to the Health Centre. Minor problems should be attended to during breaks.
  • Students must make physiotherapy appointments outside school hours unless they have an appointment with the College’s Physiotherapist.

Punctuality is a matter both of good order and of courtesy. Late-comers without an explained absence will be issued a Classbook.

School Uniform
Students show they are proud to be part of the Sacred Heart College community by correctly wearing the school uniform which is appropriate to their level. (The uniform is described in detail on the Uniform page).

Student Appearance

  • A student's hair needs to be clean and short enough to ensure it does not touch his shirt collar. Hair should be no shorter than a number 2 and should not be long enough to be tied up in any form. The student's fringe should be short enough to ensure hair is kept out of his eyes when combed straight down. Natural hair colour must be maintained (no dyed hair), and no extreme hairstyles.
  • Sideburns must not extend beyond the earlobe.
  • All students must be clean-shaven
  • Tattoos are not permitted
  • Body piercing is not permitted


Conduct in the Classroom and on School Grounds

All students apply to attend Sacred Heart College. This application carries with it the undertaking to observe the rules of the community and to behave according to the high standards it expects. People of goodwill and common sense know how to act without having to be told. The details that follow are to assist those who may require clarification as to what it means to be a Sacred Heart student.

  1. There is no place at Sacred Heart for a person who:
    • uses abusive, blasphemous or foul language
    • who bullies, mocks, lies or steals. This includes inappropriate text messaging and inappropriate use of social media
    • hinders or discourages others from learning.
  2. Respect for others is most important and manners are a vital part of this. This applies to any dealings with other students, with teachers and non-teaching staff, and with the Brothers. Remember it is expected at all times that you thank others. For example, after being served at the tuck shop, uniform shop or library, after being handed notes, assignments or equipment.
  3. Pupils must not bring Sacred Heart College into disrepute by their actions or behaviour. This includes travelling to and from school, and outside normal school hours.
  4. Sacred Heart College requires a high standard of dress and we expect the uniform to be given the respect it deserves.
    • You must wear your uniform correctly at school, on the way to and from school and when you are at any school event
    • Personal grooming shall be of a high standard
    • If you are unable to wear the correct uniform, you must bring to your homeroom teacher a letter of explanation from your parents/guardians/boarding master. If this is accepted, then you will be issued with a pass for a specific period. This must be available for inspection by any member of staff
    • All items of uniform must be named.
  5. When you are representing the College, you must be even more conscious of your behaviour. It must be excellent. On public transport this means travelling quietly and sensibly. At all times you should stand for an adult. You should allow members of the public to get on or off before you and you should show respect to the driver by thanking him or her. At sports events your comments should not be offensive.
  6. Remember you are responsible for what others will inherit when they attend Sacred Heart College – respect the property. This includes putting rubbish in the bin. Not marking desks, walls, or tables.
  7. At the conclusion of every class you must ensure your desk is straight, your chair in and any rubbish off the ground. At the end of the day, you are required to put your chairs on the desk and ensure the windows are closed.
  8. Because of the damage they can cause, chewing gum, lighters, matches, twink and permanent markers are not permitted at school.
  9. Graffiti or inappropriate images have no place on anything you bring to school.
  10. Spitting is a dirty and unhealthy practice which is forbidden.
  11. Smoking or vaping is forbidden on the way to and from school, during school or at any school event.
  12. You are not permitted to be out of bounds at any time. Out of bounds areas are:
    • Classrooms unless a teacher is present or you have their express permission
    • On the Hostel side of Gate 3 drive
    • College car park – Gate 4
    • On the lawn outside the Hostel laundry
    • Bushes at the end of the tennis courts and aquatics centre.
  13. Unless you have permission from the Deputy Headmaster - Pastoral Care, you must not leave the school grounds.
  14. Except in an emergency, you are not permitted to be out of class at any time without a written note. Normally toilet permissions or permission to go to the Matron are not given during class time.
  15. Be at the right place at the right time – do not be late.
  16. If you are absent from school, arrange for your absence to be reported to the school as early as possible. Your parents/guardians/boarding master then supplies a written note for your absence which is given to the Head of Year for filing.
  17. If you arrive late to school but before 10am you must sign in at the Head of Years’ Office, or if after 10am, at the main office or the Director of Pastoral Care.
  18. Homework diaries are compulsory for all students and should be brought to class every day.
  19. Homework is not optional. If set it must be done.
  20. Mobile phones are permitted at school but must be switched off during class time. Mobile phones may not be used to capture images or videos of staff or other students. If mobile phones are confiscated, they will need to be collected from the school office by a parent or guardian.
  21. Any items that may be deemed dangerous to others must not be bought into school.

In summary, treat others as you wish to be treated because everyone has the right to enjoy being at Sacred Heart College.


Student Behaviour Expectations

Classbooks form part of the detention system. These are issued for misdemeanors which includes but are not limited to: late to school, incorrect uniform, poor behaviour in class, lack of work, or failure to follow school procedures. If a student receives three classbooks they are then issued with a Friday detention.

The College operates a detention system for students who fail to observe the rules and standards expected. If a student receives a Friday Detention, parents are notified in writing and a form is sent home to be signed by the parent/guardian. If a student receives a number of lunchtime or Friday detentions, parents will be contacted to meet with either their Head of Year or the Director of Pastoral Care.