Student Guidelines

School Uniform
Every student is required to be correctly dressed in the uniform appropriate to their year level. The school uniform is available for purchase from the Uniform Shop. Please refer to the Uniform page for full uniform details.

Communication with Parents/Guardians
Sacred Heart welcomes direct communication from parents/guardians via phone, email, letter or visits. All communications will be answered by a member of the International Department as soon as possible. The College will communicate with parents/guardians via email and newsletters on a regular basis. This website will also contain up-to-date information. 
Any emergency situation will be dealt with promptly by the College during school hours. The parents/guardians will be kept informed by a member of the International Department. Emergencies outside school hours will be dealt with initially by the student’s guardian and the Director of International Students informed. The Director will then contact the student’s parents.

Academic Progress and Reporting
The College reports on academic progress twice a year - after the mid-year examinations and after the end-of-year school examinations.

  • June – Senior and Junior school interim reports
  • September – Senior school reports 
  • December – Junior school reports.

Please specify on the application form who should receive the school reports on behalf of the student (parents, agent or guardian).

The College expects all International Students to make reasonable academic progress and try their best. Any concerns with regard to academic progress will be communicated directly to the guardian/designated caregiver or agent in New Zealand.

Under the Code of Practice an International Student is required to attend a minimum of 95% of the school year. This is a requirement by New Zealand Immigration to re-apply for a student visa.

If a student is absent from school, the reason for the absence must be reported to the school by phone or email as early as possible. The parents/guardians/boarding master should then also supply, on the next day of attendance, a written note for the absence which is given to the student's homeroom teacher for filing.

Travel and Holidays
Parents are welcome to visit their son while studying in New Zealand. International Students are encouraged to travel within New Zealand during holiday time, as follows:

  1. With their host families
  2. With school-organised groups
  3. On trips and activities organised by their agents or by approved student travel companies in the school holidays
  4. With their parents.

International Students are not allowed to travel independently under 18 while they are studying at Sacred Heart College. Students must advise the Director of International Students any holiday arrangements two weeks in advance, with full contact details for themselves and the adult in charge for the whole period.

The College operates a school bus service for students. Information on times and routes is available on this website on the Getting to School page, or at the School Office. Sacred Heart College does not permit International Students to own or drive a car whilst studying at the College. This is to ensure their safety at all times. Permission may be granted in exceptional circumstances. An application needs to be made in writing to the Director of International Students.

Part Time Work

In order that International Students achieve their greatest potential, Sacred Heart College does not permit students to obtain part-time work while studying at the College. Permission may be granted in exceptional circumstances for Years 12 and 13 students to work during school holidays. Students will be required to show they are making and maintaining excellent academic progress, have excellent attendance, and have made satisfactory transport arrangements to and from work. The College requires written confirmation from the parents. An application needs to be made in writing to the Director of International Students. If approved by the school, a Variation of Conditions to a student permit will need to be applied for. Go to to view the detailed requirements of the New Zealand Immigration service.