Student Stories

Jean TramondJean Tramond (France)
After one and half year spent in New Caledonia I came to Sacred Heart College for 6 months before heading back to school in Paris. Studying in New Zealand has been an experience that has formed me a lot in my education as well as in my faith. I have discovered Sacred Heart College with strong spirit and values. As an international student I stayed at the Boarding Hostel which I considered an even better experience because a family spirit is truly present here.
The academic part of the school is nicely treated: each student can choose among a variety of subjects depending on what he prefers. You can also discover new subjects. For instance I have discovered carpentry which I have enjoyed very much. The college is well prepared for international students. A dedicated staff member is here to help and all the students are welcoming and never hesitate to help. The hostel is very comfortable, well-structured allowing time for study, entertainment and sports. It is located right on the school site so the sports facilities are very accessible. The religious part of this college has been very important for me, as the College was founded by Marist Brothers who are the followers of a fellow Frenchman: Marcellin Champagnat. A nice chapel allowing a mass up to three times a week is located in the centre of the school. I found Sacred Heart a very faithful school taking care of each one's spirit to make us become better men in the future.
I really enjoyed my time at the Sacred Heart College though it was too short. This experience will stay in my mind forever as I really grow up thanks to it. I hope all the best for this college in the future.

Pablo MartinezPablo Martinez (Mexico)
Hi, I am Pablo Martinez, I come from the north of Mexico, in a city called Monterrey. My favourite sport is cycling. I am quite good at it, and I am a member of Sacred Heart College Senior A team. I have been selected by the College for its competition in New Zealand Cycling Nationals. I love New Zealand's environment, both learning and social, it is very different of what I had in Mexico. And the ecology that they have in this country is just AMAZING. The teachers at Sacred Heart are very friendly and very talented, I have learned a lot of different techniques since I came. I think I become a better person, both spiritual and social. The students are very friendly, they help you when you are in need, and they really help you a lot. I really like the fact that SHC is a catholic school, and since I am a catholic as well, it's great, and the Religious Education classes are very enjoyable. You learn a lot from the teachers, and brothers.
I have a great time in my home stay, they are a great family, and they treat me as their own son. I really feel that I am lucky to be here. I have had a lot of happy moments since I have been here.

Yoshiki SagaYoshiki Saga (Japan)
My name is Yoshiki and I am an international student from Japan. I came to Sacred Heart College because of its high academic success and its impressive achievements at sports, especially football, which I have been actively involved in. The learning environment in New Zealand is of a high standard. Sacred Heart College is one of the leading secondary schools in Auckland offering the NCEA system, and its academic pathway is supported by friendly and attentive teachers encouraging us to achieve each subject's potential.
Furthermore, the students themselves are cooperating and encouraging each other to gain the highest level of achievements in class. I find it comfortable to study at this school and I am glad to see my English has rapidly improved in these years.
Out of school, I have been staying with the same homestay family. The time I have spent with them is memorable and we sometimes organise trips to see other parts of New Zealand. It is awesome to travel around with somebody who lives in New Zealand because I don't have so many chances to go sightseeing out of Auckland by myself. The homestay is close to school, about five minutes on foot, and my affable homestay brother plays football too so that I can say my host family is a very good fit for me.
I think Sacred Heart College has an impressive record in sports. Many players in many sports are involved in national competition, for example, athletics, rugby, tennis and football. Football is a representative sport in 2011. Sacred Heart College has achieved the national tournament in New Zealand and three players from the 1st XI team went to the under 17 world cup in Mexico. One of them has also played for the under 20 national team and has contracted with a premier team in England as a professional player. I have been involved in the 2nd XI team for the last two years and enjoyed playing during the winter.
Sacred Heart College is a Catholic school and although this is a different religion for me. I feel the values that underpin the school are very solid and help all the boys, including international students, to feel valued and cared for. The sense of family is very strong as is the students' pride in the school.

Junyang FengJunyang Feng (China)
Hi, my name is Jacky, and I am from Guang Dong, China. I decided to come to Sacred Heart College because it is a Catholic school with very good reputation in New Zealand. The College has a hostel, which means I can live in the boarding house with other students inside of the school.

I like New Zealand, it is one of my favourite places
I have been and its learning environment is more relaxing than in China. In school, my teachers are nice, if you have a question and go ask them, they will help you as much as they can, even after school. My fellow students are friendly, they always have conversation with me actively and my English speaking skills get better and better. In the hostel, there are many students from other countries; therefore, I have made lots of friends from different countries.

At a school like Sacred Heart College, I have many chances for my hobbies, I play table tennis for the school teams and we have done a very good job. I'm particularly interested in rugby and I like watching rugby games, because it is so exciting. As a Catholic school, we have mass every week, and I find it a good chance to learn and understand another religion. I enjoy being a SHC student!

Martí PuigMartí Puig Aunión (Spain)
My name is Martin, and I am from Spain. I like doing sport and meeting new friends. I would like to be an industrial engineer in the future.
New Zealand is a really nice country that I really enjoyed to be here. I am studying one term of my high school in English; it is amazing for me to know another educational system. Sacred Heart College is really a big school. It is all boys, the teachers like their job and everything is awesome.At school I play football (soccer), also I have done some really good work at improving my rugby skills. Sacred Heart College has a very strong tradition in Rugby.
I live in a homestay near Mission Bay. Everything is good here; the dinners are particularly nice and big. One thing I found interesting was when I gave them a really good sausage from Barcelona. They really enjoyed and it was gone quickly. I am happy I made the decision to study at Sacred Heart College.

Kyong Su KimKyong Su Kim (South Korea)
Hi, I am Tim and I come from Sun-Cheon city in South Korea. I came to Sacred Heart College 2 years ago and enjoy spending time with my friends and teachers. Sacred Heart College has a very good reputation due to its high academic success and excellent achievements at sports such as rugby, football and cricket.
I have experienced great support from the teachers and staff in the college, so that I can stay focused on what I want to learn. I have opportunities to make friends with different students from other countries. My fellow students are very freindly so I was able to quickly adapt to the new environment, and my English has improved a lot, I am so happy about that. My favourite sport is football and I play with my Asian freinds at Senior C Team. Sacred Heart College has a mass every Thursday, I believe that it is a good opportunity for me to learn and understand a different religion. I really enjoy being a Sacred Heart student.

Wat NawakanonWat Nawakanon (Thailand)

My name is Wat Nawakanon, and I am from Bangkok, Thailand. I feel pretty good about coming to Sacred Heart College because this school has a very good reputation both academically and in sports. The academic pathways are very different from what I had in Thailand, but I have gradually understood how it works with the great help by my teachers. I really like to study English, Physical Education and Geography.
I play soccer for the school and I am in senior C2 team. I would also like to play golf and ruby for the school. New Zealand is a beautiful country; I like the environment here very much. The weather in New Zealand is cooler than that of Thailand, and the air is fresher, also the traffic is not as jammed as in Thailand.
Living in the hostel is much better than what I expected. Because everyone is kind and friendly, and we are like brothers living together. Most of boarding students are New Zealand students, so I find my English has improved quickly. Sacred Heart College is a Catholic school; I find it interesting to learn the difference between here and the religion in my country. The College has a chapel, I felt excited on the first day when I was there. I enjoy being a Sacred Heart College student because it is a very special school.

Kenta Mizunoya & Tomoharu TanakaKenta Mizunoya & Tomoharu Tanaka (Japan)
Hi, we are Kenta and Tomoharu, and we are fromTokyo Seitoku Junior High School in Japan. Through our teacher's help, we chose to come to Sacred Heart College to study for 3 months.

New Zealand is a good country because it has a lot of beautiful nature and scenery. We also think New Zealand has good learning environment, it is easy for us to learn and study.

Sacred Heart College has many good teachers. They teach us till we can fully understand what we are studying. The students at Sacred Heart College are really friendly and we have made many friends. At lunch time, my friends often ask us to join in them playing soccer or other things, and we always think that they are so freindly and kind.

We live in homestay families that the school chose for us, they are very nice families, and they took us to see different places during weekends. We really enjoy being a Sacred Heart College student.