Weekly Notes System

Weekly Notes are designed to provide feedback to students and parents on the level of effort that has been shown both in class and at home during each week. A report is emailed to parents each week. The grades given range from 1-5, where 1 is poor and 5 is excellent.

The following are indicators for grades available in Weekly Notes.

5.  Performance Level - Excellent
·      Shows enthusiasm in class, punctual and positive
·      Exceptional or consistent effort
·      High standard of homework and class work as befits his ability
·      Follows Classroom Rules well
·      Records and completes homework consistently 
·      Stands out from the class during the week in his effort and application
4.  Performance Level - Very Good
·        Good involvement in lessons, positive attitude, punctual
·        Records and completes homework consistently 
·        Consistently on task and actively contributes to class
·        Meets Classroom Rules as outlined by staff
·        Positive and engaged
3.  Performance Level - Good
·        Does the ordinary things with no negative or positive impact in class
·        Generally meets Classroom Rules, usually punctual
·        Usually records homework 
·        Generally fulfils the basic requirements of homework and class work. Meets required level. (Clarification: 
          If homework is set once or twice/ three times a week then the student needs to make a good attempt to complete 
          all pieces)
2.  Performance Level - Inconsistent/of concern
·        Inconsistent in meeting Classroom Rules.  Sometimes late
·        Homework and/ or class work not up to the standard and not done consistently. (Clarification: If homework is set once
         or twice/ three times a week and the student either doesn’t do either piece or completes a poor attempt then he should 
         be awarded a grade of 2).
·        Poor behaviour that impacts on students learning and those around him. Distracts others.
·        Shows little inclination to be involved in class activities
·        Unmotivated - does not make the effort required in class
1.  Performance Level - Poor
·        Consistently not meeting Classroom Rules, often late or absent
·        Homework and/ or class work not done or not recorded consistently. (Clarification: No homework set was attempted).
·        Behaviour that is disruptive in the class and inhibits the learning of others
·        No inclination to be involved in class activities
·        Insufficient work completed or submitted

If no grade has been given it is because the teacher has seen the student on insufficient occasions during that week and is therefore unable to comment. Clarification; this grade could also be awarded if the student has been absent at least 2 lessons (from a three lesson a week subject) OR the student has been absent for 3 lessons from a 4 lesson a week subject (Maths, English, Science). Parents should note that this could have resulted from student’s absence from school / class; staff absence from school / class, or internal school events that result in specific classes not happening that week.

Students should receive their Weekly Note from each teacher, each week. Where a student has been awarded a grade of 1 or 2 the teacher should have given the student a brief verbal explanation of why they got that grade (e.g. you didn’t complete either piece of homework well enough). Teachers are encouraged to also give students brief verbal feedback if they are close to improving their grade, but haven’t quite managed it.