Uniform Requirements

Summer Uniform - Terms 1 and 4

Years 7 to 10
Short-sleeved shirt
Black McKinlay Safari sandals
School cap

Years 11 to 13
Short-sleeved shirt*
Shorts with black McKinlay Safari sandals; or trousers (with black leather belt) and black lace-up shoes with black socks



Year 13
*Students in Year 13 are required to purchase the Senior summer shirt.







Winter Uniform - Terms 2 and 3

Years 7 to 10
Long-sleeved shirt
Black lace-up shoes with Sacred Heart school socks

Years 11 to 13
Long-sleeved shirt*
Trousers (with black leather belt)
Black lace-up shoes and black socks

Year 13
*Students entering in Year 13 may purchase the Senior winter shirt.


Formal Uniform

Years 7 to 10
White shirt and Sacred Heart College tie
Black lace-up shoes with Sacred Heart school socks

Years 11 to 13
White Shirt and Sacred Heart school tie*
Blazer (compulsory for Years 11 to 13)
Trousers (with black leather belt) or Lava Lava
Black lace-up shoes with black socks

Year 13
*Year 13 students must wear a Senior's tie.

Physical Education Uniform

Years 7 and 13
Navy PE shorts, PE Top or House T-shirt.


The uniforms for the individual sports in which the College presents teams for competition will follow the pattern for that sport as laid down by the Director of Sport. Please see the individual sport code information on the Sports page on this website for further details.


Optional Uniform

The school jacket, tracksuit pants, and scarf are optional items.

Shoes must be school regulation – plain, black, lace-up leather. No suede, designed, rimmed or slip-on shoes are allowed. Shoes must be clean and polished at all times.

Summer footwear - McKinlay Safari
Winter and Formal footwear - Black leather lace-up shoes

Student Appearance

  • A student's hair needs to be clean and short enough to ensure it does not touch his shirt collar. Hair should be no shorter than a number 2 and should not be long enough to be tied up in any form.
  • The student's fringe should be short enough to ensure hair is kept out of his eyes when combed straight down.
  • Natural hair colour must be maintained (no dyed hair), and no extreme hairstyles.
  • Sideburns must not extend beyond the earlobe.
  • All students must be clean shaven
  • Tattoos are not permitted
  • Body piercing is not permitted

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Uniform Price list Year 11-13

Uniform Price list Year 7-10